Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 08

Here's a little blast from the past: Halloween 2007 and Nacho Libre-

Tate was so fun last year, but I think that this year was even better. He totally (well, kind of) understood what was going on and could participate a little bit. Mostly I guess he just liked the candy. This year he was yoda.

We had a little neghborhood party and then we went to my parents neighborhood to trick or treat. A neighbor of theirs always cooks hot dogs and hamburgers and popcorn, and has hom made root beer for all of the trick or treaters. It's pretty awesome, and a fun tradition. Tate rode in style in the Radio Flyer:

There was this weird creature that Tate couldn't stop staring at.

Finally I asked the creature to come and take a picture with Tate, and he kind of freaked out:

Chris immediately picked him up and I captured the saddest face I have ever seen. I think this is my favorite picture of the night.

Later we took these pictures at my mom's house. These are my two youngest brothers with Tate. Guess what they are? Cows? Reindeer? Actually they are vikings. They always have the dorkiest costumes...but the costumes are so ghetto that they are actually kind of cute.

The family:
Chris and I were lame, and didn't dress up. Although if we would have, we would have been Princess Leah and Luke or Han Solo.

Fitting for a Halloween post... a couple of weeks ago I had just got home from grocery shopping and Chris was cleaning the garage. It was dark ouside and all of the sudden I heard Tate start to cry, and I ran over to where he was and this is what I saw:

I was pretty scared until I realized that it was only spaghetti sauce that he had tried to carry and had dropped. The jar was glass, so it really is fortunate that none of the glass got him at all. Chris wanted to take a picture.

I got my cast shortened a week or so ago....and it is sooo nice. Thet actually just cut the old cast off above my elbow and then rewrapped it. The new cast glows in the dark! The only problem is it just looks white, and it is DISGUSTING looking. Tate has got dirt all over it, I've spilled food coloring on it, etc. etc. etc. 1 more week and then it comes off! Maybe I should have a celebration when that day finally gets here. I am so excited to actually have a shower without a plastic bag over my entire arm. I haven't been able to smell any horrible stench coming from my arm yet, so that's good. Also I have avoided for the most part any itching that I just can't get too. My arm hasn't really itched that much. (Knock on wood) And I hear that the itching is usually a big deal. Happy November!