Friday, August 28, 2009

My Spiffy Boys

Tate has been talking so much lately. He repeats everything you say, which can get a little freaky when you realize what comes out of your mouth, because your baby is repeating it! I love his little voice. We taught him his last name this week...and he thinks his name is "Tate Spiff" :)

Monday, August 10, 2009 Retrospect

 Trip one: Round Valley

We started the month by going to Round Valley for the 4th of July. Chris' parents go every year, and we have been once or twice, but not since Tate was born. I love the celebration. The weather is so beautiful, too. Chris was actually born there and lived there until he was 6 or 7, so when we go we stay with some family friends. Both my boys love horses. I love the picture of Tanner. (Both of them, actually.) These first two pictures were at the parade. (Tate's first, I think.)

The next thing I did is I went to "Wicked" at Gammage. It was fabulous. I went with my mom and sisters on my sister's "golden birthday" on the 17th. I stole these pictures off my sister's facebook, so I think that's why they are a little small. Here we are making our "wicked" faces.

The next day (18th) my little Tatey turned 2! It was such a fun day. We decided to just do things that he would like all day. We started the day by going to the pool. After that we found a babysitter and left Tanner and took Tate to his first movie. We went to the dollar theatre and saw "Earth" Tate actually did pretty well. The movie had animals and fish and stuff, so that helped hold his attention. The popcorn and soda probably didn't hurt, either. That evening we went to my parents house and had carne asada burritos and tacos for dinner, (chris' choice) and then home made ice cream (my choice) and cupcakes. We ended the evening with a little dance party. Tate is starting to talk so well. He calls candles "happy birthday to yous"

He didn't want to leave the theatre and was a little grumpy about it. 

Trip two: Pima
We went to Pima for their 24th of July Pioneer day celebration. We also celebrated Tate's birthday with the family while we were there. Chris and his Dad won blue ribbons at the pioneer day family rodeo for team roping. Chris and I, and then Chris and his dad did an event where they rope the horse and then I run and grab this ribbon that is tied to the horses' tail and take it back to the announcers stand. We didn't win, though. :(  It was quite an adventure, nevertheless. 

Chris' mom had a "mqeen" cake made for Tate. He loved it. Mater and McQueen are his favorites. He has never been into stuff like that until about a month ago. The butter cream icing was heavenly.

The end.