Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So the other day we were watching the movie "Nacho Libre" and I thought to myself, "his body reminds me of someone that I know..." and then I realized that Tate's body is remarkably similar to Jack Black's. So from that moment on, Tate was going to be Nacho Libre for Halloween.

Action shot.

So we had a ward trunk or treat for Halloween. I think that Tate should have won the costume contest, but unfortunately the prize went to some pirates.

Later we went to the neighbors house to wait for trick or treaters. It was a little chilly, so Tate wore his hat for the first time.

The night ended early for Tate, the little party pooper. He fell asleep in the middle of all trick or treaters.
Its funny how life changes when you have a kid. Chris and I were talking about how different life becomes. Much harder, but more rewarding. Tate isn't even old enough to care about Halloween, but it was so fun to dress him up and to spend time with him. He'll probably hate us when he's older because of this year's costume, but Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Calling all Eligible Bachelorettes

Hello, my name is Tate.

I have a problem...and I need your help

You see, I just met my uncle Jason last week, when he came home from his spanish speaking mission in St. Louis. So far he seems like he's a pretty alright guy, so I want to find him a wife. I have to be honest though; my motives are purely selfish. I have no cousins. (Well, I have some on my dad's side, but the youngest one is 10. So that makes them more like aunts and uncles.)

approx. 6'2
180 lbs
Sings, plays guitar, piano
plays basketball, volleyball

If you are an eligible bachelorette, or know of someone who is, please contact my mom

This is Melissa. (Hopefully Jason doesn't kill me after this post!!) Here's my 2 handsome boys-Tate and Chris. It's been so great to see Jason this past week. He especially likes Tate I think. But really, how could he not. I mean, check out those cankles and the double chin. What's not to love about that? These pictures were mostly taken at Jason's "Not homecoming" talk. Welcome home, Jason!!! I like to pretend that I'm a matchmaker, so if you know someone.....

Monday, October 8, 2007

I forgot

I forgot that I wanted to post this picture. During conference I worked on this hat for Tate using the "knifty knitter" I was going to run out of yarn so I just finished the hat. The hat is a bit too small- It reminds me of a yamaka! I guess it will at least keep the top of his head warm.


This weekend we went to good 'ol Pima, AZ.

We took these pictures at the end of Chris' parents' street. We took some pictures in the cotton when we were engaged and I loved how they turned out, so I wanted to get some more "cotton pictures" while we were there. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Isn't Pima beautiful? Look at those mountains!

Chris and his Dad. Chris was riding a horse that he was thinking about buying. (This is moments before the horse bucked him off!!)

Needless to say, Chris decided to pass on this particular horse.

Tate with Grandma and Justice getting a bath in the kitchen sink

I think that this picure is so funny. Look at Tate's face. We love our little Tater!