Monday, November 7, 2011


I suck at life documentation. Tate and Tanner found our old ninja turtle movies at the end of August, and it was love at first sight. They wanted to be ninja turtles for Halloween the moment they saw the 1980s film.  Here is our take on Ninja turtles:

I found the main parts of the boys costumes on 2 separate Goodwill trips, but had to make the accessories, as well as mine and Chris' really fancy costumes. Every day they would as me, "Mom, what's my name again?"

"Tanner, you're Donatello the purple one."
 "Tate you are the red one, Raphael"
"Mom is the orange one, Michaelangelo"
and "Dad is the blue one, Leonardo."
Repeated 12x each day.

 There was a couple of days there where they wanted to be Indians, but in the end the Ninja turtles prevailed.

 I think i had the best weapon overall, the nunchuk .  It was definitely the most dangerous, as Tanner can attest. (He hit himself) :)

So Halloween was grand, and the weather was beautiful the entire weekend. (No jackets!)  and Chris and I are still eating their Halloween candy. :) 

 This next bit of info deserves it's own post. I am a little frightened to say this prematurely, but we no longer have diapers in our house!! I only started potty training Tanner 4 days ago, but he has had no accidents for 2 days. It is AMAZING. I have been putting off potty training because my first experience (Tate) was less than desirable. But this is seriously miraculous. He is the man!!

I guess I never blogged it, so I should also say that there is a legitimate reason why I have a pot belly in the above photo. We are expecting a GIRL at the beginning of Feb!!