Saturday, April 25, 2009

The beginning

Well, I also must post about the very first father and sons camping trip. I guess it was actually a father and son camping trip, since Tanner was not in attendence. ( next year ???) Tate adores Chris, and likes to do EVERYTHING that Chris does. He likes to wear a hat like him, he likes to listen to the ipod like him... basically if Chris is doing something, Tate thinks that he should be doing the same thing. I love how he is looking at Chris is this picture. I told you that he ADORES him!

Chris says that he took a fancy to the shovel all evening. I mean, who wouldn't?

My all-time favorite fathers and sons picture. Tate was so giddy and goofy as they were loading up the truck. He started trying to tease Chris by wiping boogers on him. He was cracking up, he thought that he was so funny.

As I write about their trip I find my self really appreciative of Chris. Tate is so young he didn't have to take him this year, but Chris genuinely enjoys being with Tate. I love that. They are so cute together. He is a REALLY good dad to Tate and Tanner. I have always loved seeing him around kids becuase he is so good with them, and the kids always, without fail, love him. BUT it is totally different seeing him with OUR kids. It just stirs stronger emotions, I guess. My boys are very lucky.

I had a life changing event occur a couple of weeks ago. Seriously. My friend and former room mate Brittney invited me to go to her salon one afternoon {Tantrum} because she needed to bring someone to a class that her boss was teaching, so that she could practice the technics that were going to be taught. So the class was on how to backcomb aka "rat" "tease" (or whatever you want to call it) your hair. So I was able to listen to the whole class and ever since then I have actually LOVED my hair almost every single day. This is a big deal. Ask Chris. Half the time I usually am not too pleased with my hair-do. I have MAJOR volume problems becuase my hair is so fine.Usually my hair looks like it is plastered to my head, which I hate. So you see, this really has changed my life in a very small way.

I thought that I knew how to backcomb before this class, but I came to the realization that I was actually totally in the dark. So with all of this being said, I am willing to offer what knowledge I now possess- for a small fee...just kidding. I love my new skill!!! Life changing, fo sure.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The menace

Here is a small glimpse of what Tanner goes through all day, everyday. He is such a good natured, chill baby! (Who, by the way, is now sleeping 8 hours at night!!!) As evidenced here, Tate LOVES bothering him! I loves these pictures, and how in a matter of 1 minute Tate bothers him in nearly every way imaginable!

This is Tate's personal favorite, "honking" Tanner's nose

Bless his heart! (Tanner's)

Tanner's blessing

We blessed Tanner on the last Sunday in March. Chris has done a fabulous job with both of the boys blessings. All the boys looked especially handsome in their suit coats! Tate would not take his jacket off the entire day, until he went to bed and we had to force him to take it off. It saddens me that this is the best family picture that we got! The family support. It stressed me out trying to get everyone to gather for the picture. Everyone came together fine, but then everyone wanted to be in charge about what way we needed to face so that there were no shadows on faces. We seriously changed the direction we were facing like 3 times! By that time I was done with trying to get more pictures, but now I wish that I had more! (This is why I don't have a better one of us 4)

Tanner was so cute. He is the absolute best baby. His suit was one that my mom made for Tate when he was blessed. It is totally 80's and I love it! Tanner is a few weeks older than Tate was when he wore it, so it was a bit of a struggle getting the pants on, but we did it!