Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our NEW casa!

We are getting a new house, and we are so excited. It's not exactly a new house, but whatever. We are moving to Gilbert! Gilbert is where Chris and I have wanted to be since we were first married, and we are finally moving there. The house was bank owned, so it's a little rough on the inside, but we were able to get a really good deal on it. It's on Greenfield and Williamsfield, right by the 202 freeway entrance and the new San Tan Mall. It's in a culdesac, and 50 yards from the church we would go to. The neighborhood is so cute and friendly and the home is the cottage style that I LOVE. We are just so done commuting from Casa Grande. We actually have loved Casa Grande for the past almost 2 years. Casa Grande is way smaller than being in the city and we have made a lot of good friends.
We will close on the house the beginning of July, and then you'll have to see all the before and afters! I'm so excited for a blank slate to decorate, too! PLUS we just found out that our house backs up to one of our really good friends (who happen to be the parents of Tate's best friend)

I think this will simplify our life a lot, since Chris will not have to commute everyday, and PLUS, think of how much money we will save on gas! Yeah!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What was I thinking???

I want a vacation. Don't you just wish that you were here right now?

Lately I have been overwhelmed with too much ridiculous EXTRA CRAP. First off, why did I ever tell someone in my stake that I wanted to go to girl's camp? Maybe you all saw this coming a long time ago, but I am finally realizing this was a mistake. If they would have called me out of the blue one day and asked if I would be willing to go then that would be a different story, but I actually started "lobbying" as Chris says, to go to girls camp in January. I have a friend in the stake Young Women's Presidency, so I kept telling her how much I wanted to go to girls camp. What was I thinking?
Lots of additional nonsense that I also volunteered for consumes my time, but on 2nd thought I won't bore you with the details. Sufficeth to say...What was I thinking??

Meanwhile, my the dishes are in the sink, the laundry is piling up, and I have little time to do things that I really enjoy like blogging and random crafts because I feel guilty when I do them because I should be cleaning my house. Plus Chris is frustrated becuase I am stretched too thin and I am sure I am really grumpy and short with him and Tate.

Sorry about the rant. I think I just feel like wallowing in self-pity right now. At least I have learned my lesson from this whole thing: Don't volunteer for unnecessary things that will take you away from your family. I will be glad when girl's camp is over. ARghhhhhhhhh I want a vacation. I love vacations.

Tate is getting so funny. His little personaliy is starting it emerge. Lately when I look at him I have been starting to think that he looks like a little boy. Kind of sad. He's growing up. He's starting to get into all kinds of messes lately. It's kind of annoying, but kind of endearing at the same time. Here he is stuck under the kitchen table.

He's getting a little naughty, too. Here he is with my sister, Emily.
I love this shirt, too. Chris' sister bought it for him. It has this huge Rhino on the front and it says, "large and in charge" Although he is not as large as he used to be :(
He and Chris have also developed a new hobby:
Tatey Toodles: my new favorite nickname