Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The best date ever :)

Check out my handsome date, Tate P. Smith. My friend Alecia suggested that we take our two oldest kids to Chic fil A for the mother/son date night last Friday. IT WAS SO FUN! 

Tate was so cute. I came downstairs ready to go in my jeans and tshirt and he gets this dissapointed look on his face and says, "But I wanted you to wear a pink dress." So I run up stairs and rummage through my closet that is virtually devoid of anything pink and I try and convince him to let me wear a black skirt.  He says again,  "But I want you to wear a pink skirt." So I hold up this purpley number and I said "What about this one?"

Whew. So I come back downstairs and he is wearing these lovely swimming goggles. He really thought that he looked good in these and that he needed to wear these out on our date. And he did. FUNNY. Where he got the notion that I needed to wear a pink dress/skirt I am still trying to figure out. I thought it was so cute though. 

A hostess seated you when we walked in and presented me with a rose and Tate with a toy. They took our order at the table, and I had the most delectable oreo milkshake EVER. 
They had two members of "the herd" there that Tate HAD to hold hands with and take pictures with, and the night ended with balloons and a limo ride. It was a blast. I don't get out with just Tate hardly ever, so this was a treat. I am constantly amazed (as I am sure all parents are) at how smart and funny and witty he is. I cant believe the things that he says sometimes. He comprehends so much. 

Oh, and he said his first naughty word this week. I am so proud. (Not really) He has this motorized car that he got from our neighbors and when it wasn't going the way he wanted it to he said, "this d*** car" Yes, he did. Sorry, mother, if you are reading this. I am ashamed. I do find solace in the fact that I know he did not learn the word from me. We have, however, narrowed it down to three people.  It was John Wayne, Tate's father, Chris, :) or the movie Shrek which he watched the same day. Chris seems to want to blame John Wayne, but I am not so sure. I really am embarassed to blog about this, but I think in a few years I will find it quite comical and will want to recall the details. 

Here's the little buddies, Tate and Tanner. They got into a huge fight last week when Tanner hit Tate on the head with a toy gun because Tate was trying to take the gun from him and Tate's head started bleeding. Tate was mad so he gouged a chunk out of Tanner's nose with his fingernails and then luckily I intervened. Tate truly needed a band-aid, but then of course Tanner wanted one too. This was taken about 2 minutes after their huge fight. They play (and fight) so well together. 

Last week it hit 100, so went swimming a couple of days. Tate and Tanner loved it, even though the water is still cold. I am excited for the summer swimming days. Here is Tate doing the "monkey walk" around the pool.

I had a really good mother's day. I will have to post some details/pictures soon. For now I am really enjoying one of my gifts...a cook book.  La di da. But there really is some good stuff in here, with ingredients that you can find easily at virtually any grocery store. I bought a cook book once that had totally obscure ingredients and I NEVER use it. They have a lot of recipes on their blog...you should check them out! The baked chicken taquitos are AMAZING.