Sunday, December 30, 2007


A recap of the month:

We made Christmas cookies

Every Christmas Eve my parents do a small nativity play thing . This year Tate got to be baby Jesus. Chris was Joseph. Sorry the picture is sideways. My youngest brother is 6yo and up until last year he was still playing baby jesus. I went and dug up a hilarious picture of him in "swaddling clothes" from last year, maybe I'll scan it in later. Last year when we told my family that we were having a baby, the first thing that my little brother said was "yeah! I don't have to be baby jesus anymore!" So ever since that time this was a greatly anticipated event-Tate playing the part of baby Jesus. He was such a good little guy, and didn't make a peep the whole time.
The whole family. (Minus one brother on mission in Argentina) Part of the fun of it is wearing ridiculous costumes. My dad is always the donkey, and he wears these big construction paper ears. I, being Mary, got to ride to the manger on the donkey this year. My other favorite costume this year was my brother Jason's. He is on the far right and is wearing a little girl's slip for his part as an angel. It might sound a little sacreligious, but it really isn't. We just have a good time. Please pull this one up on your computer. You won't be dissapointed.

So we took some family pictures a few weeks ago. I love the ones of Tate. You can see them here:
Click on galleries, and then recent work. Tate actually rolled over for the first time while we were getting pictures taken...pretty exciting stuff.

On another note, Christmas came and went and my new favorite toy is....

Ever since Tate was born I've been becoming more interested in photography, mostly so I can take good pictures of him. I'm very excited about the camera. Even after the first pictures I took I knew that I was falling in love.(with the camera, that is) There's a lot to learn about photography out there. I've been checking out some book at the library, reading the owner's manual, etc. It's been a fun discovery. Pictures to come shortly. Don't expect too much, though. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Deal or no Deal??

So I consider myself a huge bargain shopper. You might say that I am cheap. But I think I may have found the best deal of my entire life yesterday, so I HAD to share. When you find an amazing deal like this you have to gloat a little.

So see these authentic Levis? Well, I was at Sam's club, just milling around, and I saw that they had men's Levis there for less than $20. Chris wants a pair of Levi's jeans for Christmas so I started looking for his size. Of course I had to dig through all of the piles and when I got to the very back pile, at the very bottom of the pile, I came upon this lone pair of women's Levis, that just happened to be my exact size. So I walked around the clothing area looking for similar women's jeans, but could not find them. So I decided to take them up to the front to see how much they were, thinking maybe I would get a good deal. Lo and behold, when the girl rang them up they were $3.06. !!! For all you disbelievers and sceptics I have included proof:

Yesterday was a great day.