Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday night dilemma

Chris was gone for nearly an entire week at scout camp last week. It was the longest week ever! It was fine, just long. It was weird not talking to him at all from Sunday night until Saturday late afternoon. I was faced with the dilemma of what to do on Friday night and luckily I found something so I didn't have to sit at home . I hate sitting at home on a Friday night! Apparently the town of Gilbert does movies in the park on the 2nd Friday of the month with free popcorn, too. Good 'ol Gilbert. The movie was The Little Mermaid and the night was a success.
I guess this is the new little babe's blog debut as well. Introducing Ivie Lynn Smith born 2/20/2012. She is such a doll and quite arguably the best baby ever. More on her later. She has a fun birth story. Plus she was over 8lb, which is nearly 2lb bigger than my boys. And she was a week late , bless her heart. Actually, now that I think about it, that extra week of gestation might have been 50x longer than this past week ...


Spencer and Marlee said...

so fun!!! Your such a good mommy!! Your kids are adorable!!!

Lonni said...

Ur girl is so adorable! So cubby!

Mary Anne said...

How cute is Miss Ivie!? Look at you not sitting at home on a Friday night. More than I can say! Your family is too adorable. Love and miss you!

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